If you have questions about the Equine Blood Viscosity (EBV) Test, chances are someone else does too. Review this section to browse answers to common questions:

Why does my horse need an EBV Test?

  • Your horse needs the EBV Test to measure and improve its circulation performance. Each horse has an optimum blood viscosity for the best blood flow and circulation. Equally important, your horse needs an EBV Test to detect and prevent spikes in blood viscosity that are caused by intense training or racing. Blood viscosity can double during exercise, increasing pressure in the lungs and rupturing capillary vessels. Viscosity spikes are the primary cause of bleeding in the lungs of race horses. Test viscosity to predict and prevent bleeds.

How do I order the EBV Test?

  • After you setup an account with Equine Health Labs, all you have to do is download the EBV Test Requisition Form from our website and send a completed form with each blood sample.

Are there any negative effects on my horse?

  • No. There is no risk to the horse so long as blood is drawn by a licensed professional. We provide the EBV Test as a lab service to test the thickness and stickiness of your horse’s blood. The blood draw should be performed by a licensed veterinary professional, and any changes to the horse’s nutritional or training regimens should be made in consultation with veterinarians and trainers who are responsible for the care of the horse.

How long will it take to get results?

  • You will receive the EBV Test results within one (1) week of shipping the blood sample. Blood specimens are tested within 24 hours of receipt at the lab, and test results are sent out on the same day of testing by U.S. mail (or within 48 hours by email) to the trainer or owner ordering the EBV Test, with a copy to the attending veterinarian.

What should I do once I receive the results?

  • Once you receive your EBV Test results, your veterinarian will go over results with you and provide recommendations based on the data. Equine Health Labs will provide veterinarians with a free consultation to review and assist in the interpretation of each case of EBV Test data. If the horse is experiencing viscosity spikes that are caused by intensive training, treatments will be recommended. Trainers and owners are welcome to join participate in our veterinarian telephone consultations.

How often do I need to test my horse?

  • We recommend administering the EBV Test at least once per year. EBV Tests may also be administered prior to new acquisitions or at least one (1) month before important races. If test results show high viscosity spikes that are caused by exercise, repeat tests are necessary to monitor and guide changes to the horse’s regimen.

How accurate are the results?

  • We guarantee the accuracy of each Equine Blood Viscosity Test. Equine Health Labs is the exclusive lab provider of the EBV Test, which is performed using the Hemathix Blood Analyzer, the only viscometer available which measures both the thickness and stickiness of blood. This instrument has been independently validated by the leading academic experts for both systolic viscosity (blood thickness) and diastolic viscosity (blood stickiness). Click here for more information on our Technology.

How much does the test cost? Is there a payment plan?

  • The cost of the EBV Test is $145 per test and $250 for our Performance Package, which is two tests. We offer volume discounts. Please contact us for more information.