Lab Services

The Equine Blood Viscosity (EBV) Test is the only way to measure the thickness and stickiness of your horse's blood. By using our lab services to monitor and manage viscosity, you can improve the ability of your horse's blood to circulate. More circulation means more oxygen is delivered to the muscles and organs in the body.

A Test for What Causes Bleeds

Although 98% of horses bleed during or after races, only 2% show visible signs. Endoscopy allows you to confirm whether the horse is bleeding, but how can you predict them before they happen? Intense exercise causes a horse's blood to become between 50% to 200% thicker, which is what causes bleeds. Our test gives you data to predict and prevent bleeds. The EBV Test catches the problem before it happens. Avoiding high spikes in blood viscosity enables you to prevent bleeds and extend the life of your horse, enabling more starts and an overall stronger animal.